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Definition and advantages of PVC Flooring Film

Author: admin / 2022-12-23

The mulching film is an agricultural technology that uses petrochemical products such as polyvinyl chloride or other similar substances to cover farmland. It is mostly used for cultivating melons, pineapples, and strawberries. Different colors and thicknesses are used according to different crops. The main purpose is to improve farmland. Surface temperature, maintain soil moisture. Among all kinds of mulch films, except for aluminum foil reflective film and black and white double-sided mulch film, which are composite films, other common mulch films, and functional mulch films are single-layer films. For the consideration of cost reduction, mulch films at home and abroad are developing towards thinning. In my country, the thickness of domestic mulch films is thinner than that of foreign countries due to the greater pressure on users' bearing capacity. Currently, there are only general standards for mulch film or agricultural film and degradable mulch film test standards formed in recent years. The plastic film can block light, inhibit the growth of weeds, avoid the use of herbicides, and reduce labor and material costs. Covered with plastic film, the soil can retain gas and nutrients, and the oxygen content will be higher than that of soil directly exposed to sunlight, which is conducive to seed germination and rapid growth of seedlings. Covering with plastic film can maintain the temperature and humidity of the surface. The temperature of covered soil will be 2 to 3 degrees higher than that of uncovered soil, which is conducive to the activity of microorganisms, promotes the decomposition of soil organic matter and minerals, increases nutrients, and promotes seedling growth. It is conducive to early sowing in spring to increase the total yield. On sunny days, the plastic film can keep the soil moist, and on rainy days, it can prevent heavy rain from eroding the soil or scouring it, increasing soil moisture, and at the same time avoiding fertilizer loss, reducing soil salt content, and avoiding soil salinization.

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