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How to Apply PVC Furniture Foil to Outdoor Furniture

Author: admin / 2023-12-27
PVC furniture foil offers an economical and appealing way to add decorative details to wooden or metal-framed pieces, adding decorative accents that stand out. Constructed of durable and water-resistant plastic material, PVC furniture foil is suitable for outdoor use while protecting furniture from harmful UV rays and increasing longevity significantly. Available in an array of colors and patterns - even wood grains! - its installation requires no special tools.
Selecting the appropriate PVC membrane foil for your furniture is of utmost importance since different varieties have specific applications - for instance, covering doors may require different PVC membrane foil than those intended to adhere evenly on other surfaces. Furthermore, surface quality plays an integral part in adhesion: rough or dirty surfaces will prevent smooth adhesion between PVC membrane foil and material surfaces.
For furniture use, the best PVC membranes are those that are resistant to impact and abrasion; water-repellent; have high levels of elasticity; are less likely to harbor dust and bacteria; can withstand radiation; and have high temperatures.
PVC membrane furniture is often secured using urea formaldehyde (UF) or copolymer dispersion adhesives to form a strong connection between its PVC skin and base panel. When selecting a UF or copolymer dispersion adhesive type to use, consider temperature and humidity levels when making a selection; an adhesive that can withstand both high temperatures and humid environments is most suited.
Before applying PVC furniture foil, prepare the pipes for assembly by sanding them with fine-grit sandpaper to ensure smooth and even cuts. In addition, making pencil marks on pipe segments will assist with locating and matching with suitable PVC fittings such as T's, elbows, or 3- or 4-way fittings to minimize sharp angles when connecting pipes.
Once your PVC pipes are connected, you can begin assembling your furniture. Start with the base, attach arms, backrests, and seats securely to each arm/backrest/seat connection before adding fabric or leather seats for final touches - which will allow your new PVC furniture to become the star of parties or summer gatherings!