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PVC Laminated Film For Various Purposes

Author: admin / 2023-11-23
PVC laminated film is used for various purposes in the industry due to its durability, waterproof, and anti-smudge features. This material can be applied to a variety of surfaces and is easy to maintain. This makes it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor printing applications. It also provides a high level of protection for the printed material. This helps to protect the printed image from water, chemicals, and UV rays. It also helps to improve the life of the graphics and adds a premium aesthetic appeal.
The most common uses of lamination PVC films are for packaging and display. Brands use these materials to differentiate their products from other brands on the shelf and to create an appealing appearance for consumers. In addition, PVC laminated film is a cost effective option for long term graphic preservation and protection.
Traditionally, the process of laminating PVC films was a labor-intensive process with cumbersome measures that often led to quality compromises. However, new technologies are changing the way that the process is performed. Newer PVC film coatings are less expensive and easier to apply than their traditional counterparts, and are helping businesses streamline the production process while achieving better results.
This PVC laminated film is designed for cold lamination and is ideal for medium-term protection of both indoor and outdoor graphics. It has up to 4 years of durability and has a clear, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. It can be used with a flatbed laminator and is suitable for both manual and automatic application.
Another advantage of this product is that it offers an anti-glare surface. This feature is especially important for customers that print on paper-based substrates. In addition, the surface of this film is very smooth and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This is a perfect solution for businesses that are looking for a durable, yet affordable PVC film laminate.
Newer overlaminates are gaining in popularity and demand due to their lower cost and ability to adhere to a wider variety of inks and substrates than traditional PVC products. These newer overlaminates are made of different materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyester, and polyurethane. While they offer a less costly alternative to PVC, these new products may not provide the same longevity as traditional overlaminates.
Despite these developments, PVC-based overlaminates will continue to be a popular choice for general purpose protective and enhancement materials for wide and narrow format digitally printed projects from floor graphics to brochures. Several factors will play into this including the cost and compatibility with inks. In addition, newer overlaminates may not necessarily improve the performance of a printed job and are best suited for specific types of jobs such as abrasion resistance. If not, they can remain with their current PVC-based product.