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How to stick furniture film ?

Author: admin / 2022-07-12
Step 1: Prepare tools/raw materials: towel, dish soap, rubber scraper
Step 2: Cut the film into a table shape larger than ten centimeters with room for movement.
Step 3: The surface of the table is cleaned three times with towel detergent, no dust, no particles, after cleaning.
Step 4: Spray water evenly on the desktop for several times, uncover the double-layer film, pull it flat and stick it on the tabletop and spray it evenly again. Use a rubber scraper to scrape off all the water above and below the film to the extent that there are no water droplets and air bubbles on the desktop.
Step 5: Start trimming, the edge of the desktop is less than 5 mm, the reason is trimming to prevent the film from warping and falling off, and it will be used after 4.5 hours in sunny weather.