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Advantages and applications of PVC decorative film

Author: admin / 2022-12-09

PVC decorative film is a new type of decorative material made of PVC as raw material, adding various additives, calendering, compounding, and wood grain printing. It is made of wood, plastic board, aluminum board, iron board, and other substrates. Decorative film decoration materials are widely used in household appliances, audio surface decoration, interior decoration, and interior decoration of aircraft, ships, and trains, and can also be used for billboards, etc. Its development prospects are very good and it also caters to market demand.

First, the application of the tooling industry

The main application scenarios of PVC decorative film factory are: hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, corporate office buildings, government and enterprise institutions, etc., can use PVC decorative film factory products for construction, such as new decoration or renovation and upgrading, and can be used for decoration of walls, doors and windows, and image walls, Tables, chairs, cabinets, and other comprehensive construction.

Second, the home improvement industry

In the home decoration industry, PVC decorative film factory conducts rapid beautification construction for new house decoration, old house renovation, new furniture beautification, and old furniture renovation. PVC decorative film products are formaldehyde-free, avoiding the traditional painting process and being more environmentally friendly.

In order to breathe freely in the living room and not be disturbed by harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, everyone must work hard on material selection and furniture matching before and after decoration. Decoration, resulting in the superposition of harmful substances and causing indoor pollutants to exceed the standard.

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