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Classification and advantages of wholesale PVC Furniture Foil

Author: admin / 2023-01-07

1. Furniture nanofilm: There are many materials such as "PET, PVC, PEVA, TPU" and others materials. This new type of film can withstand high temperatures and is generally a high-tech material. The surface ceramic crystal adopts nanotechnology to make stains easier to remove. Like a lotus leaf, it has the function of surface self-cleaning, which can improve the texture of furniture and make the texture of furniture clearer. It also has the characteristics of high transparency, acid resistance, high-temperature resistance (220°), wear resistance, anti-corrosion, energy saving, and environmental protection.

2. PVC film: (old-fashioned film) furniture renovation sticker is a kind of PVC film. Its advantages are relatively wear-resistant, heat-resistant and flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistant, moisture-proof, fire-resistant, easy to clean, and cheap, compared with natural wood boards. , with no color difference, simple construction, and self-adhesive adhesive characteristics.

3. Panel furniture sticker: Strictly speaking, it is not a film. The effect of the sticker is the same as that of the computer desk on the market. PU paper is usually used on the back of the furniture panel. It does not need to be painted, etc., and it is easier to scratch! There is also a kind of solid wood grain paper, for example, it is similar to walnut wood grain and pine wood grain when pasted. Just like cheap composite floor imitation solid wood, it is suitable for middle and low-end furniture, but the effect is not very good.

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