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How to use and use PVC decor film

Author: admin / 2023-01-14

PVC is a polymer material made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material. It is generally transparent or light yellow. It is often made into PVC sheets, PVC films, PVC shoe soles, PVC furniture, etc. It is a high-quality material with a wide range of applications. Molecular materials! In furniture decoration, you can often see various PVC products.

PVC decor film is a PVC product that focuses on the surface of furniture wood veneer. This type is generally used in hotel renovation, furniture renovation, wooden door renovation, and other decorative renovation. PVC decor film is a new product that combines the advantages of blister film and PVC material. It is a decorative film material for furniture renovation and decoration. Because this kind of film has excellent properties of polymers, the price of plasticity is high, and the price is relatively low, so it is liked by many consumers.

Uses of PVC decor film: generally used for decoration and maintenance of old furniture. For example, for hotel or personal cabinets, wardrobes, solid wood desks, wood veneers, bedroom doors, and entry doors, we can use PVC decor film for color refurbishment, which can effectively prevent sharp wear, acid and alkali liquid corrosion and moisture The climate damages the furniture, protects the life of the furniture, and prolongs the service life of the furniture. The construction method is also simple, just stick it on the surface of the furniture and wait for the PVC decor film to dry naturally!

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