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The wood grain design manuscripts of the PVC floor film are all from the solid wood texture, Wood Grain Pvc Floor Film is closer to the natural wood grain.
Zhejiang Niubang New Material Co., Ltd is China Wood Grain Pvc Floor Film manufacturers and OEM Wood Grain Pvc Floor Film factory. Our company currently has 6 high-speed PVC printing machines, 5 large-scale composite machines, and more than 10 rewinding machines. Our production size ranges from 1000mm wide to 1430mm wide, 0.10mm to 0.5mm thick, and the monthly output can reach 5 million square meters. Our wholesale Wood Grain Pvc Floor Film raw materials are used in strict accordance with the national environmental protection standards and are sent to SGS for inspection every year.

Industry knowledge

What is wood grain PVC floor film?
Wood grain PVC floor film is a type of flooring material that is designed to mimic the appearance of real wood. It is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a synthetic material that is durable, flexible, and resistant to moisture. The film is printed with a high-resolution wood grain pattern that replicates the natural texture, color variations, and grain patterns found in different types of wood. This gives the floor a realistic wood look without the need for actual hardwood flooring. Wood grain PVC floor film is typically available in rolls or tiles that can be easily installed over existing floors, providing a cost-effective and convenient way to transform the look of a space. It offers the aesthetic appeal of wood flooring while also providing benefits such as easy maintenance, resistance to scratches and stains, and the ability to withstand high foot traffic.
How does wood grain PVC floor film mimic the look of real wood?
Wood grain PVC floor film is designed to closely replicate the look of real wood through several key features:
1. High-resolution printing: The film is printed with advanced printing techniques that can reproduce intricate details, including the natural grain patterns, knots, and textures found in different types of wood. The printing process ensures that the wood grain pattern is sharp, realistic, and visually appealing.
2. Authentic color variations: Real wood exhibits variations in color, ranging from lighter to darker tones. Wood grain PVC floor film takes these color variations into account and replicates them in the printing process. This helps create a more authentic wood appearance, as the film includes subtle shade variations and color gradients that resemble those found in real wood.
3. Textured surface: Wood grain PVC floor film often features a textured surface that mimics the tactile feel of real wood. The texture can be designed to replicate the smoothness or roughness typically associated with different wood species. By incorporating texture, the film enhances the overall realism and provides a more convincing wood-like experience underfoot.
4. Variation in plank size: Just like real wood flooring, wood grain PVC floor film can come in a variety of plank sizes. This allows for customization and the ability to replicate the appearance of specific wood flooring styles, such as wide planks or narrow strips. The variation in plank size adds to the authenticity of the overall look.
By combining these elements—high-resolution printing, authentic color variations, textured surface, and variation in plank size—wood grain PVC floor film can closely mimic the look and feel of real wood, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional hardwood flooring.

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